Accessories & Parts

XPRO is a project with more than 22 years of experience focused on satisfying and improving the needs of skydiving, indoor flight and other air sports. Our products are designed from engineering, composite materials and 3D printing. Products designed to improve safety, quality and experience with maximum practicality and comfort.


How is our creation process?

The process always starts from an idea. A need is observed from being skydivers and users of products for our sport. We then optimize the idea while it is being designed using a 3D development software. We work on the product until its final development, without stopping looking for its improvement and updating.



Our products have been tested with thousands of jumps. We are not responsible for the loss of photo or video cameras. The use or loss of them is responsibility of the users only.The use of any kind of video cameras is recommended only when the skydiver has acquired sufficient experience and skills in skydiving, as the skydiver's attention could be scattered and he could neglect paramount safety issues in this sport.

Passion and technology applied to the quality and safety of our products.

New generation and quality for you

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